Because everyone's device is different, with different settings, antivirus, etc. sometimes the "Join Now" button does not appear or work correctly the first time. We have some very simple suggestions below for accessing the subscription. 

  • Please note that our website software does not support Internet Explorer. Please use a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox, to purchase your subscription and view the Sewing Circle.

  • If you are having trouble joining, it can also help to change internet browsers. Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox work best. 

  • Please allow the "join now" box to load--for some people it takes a little bit of time to appear. 

  • If you cannot see the price and "join now"  button at the top of the page (in a blue box), please clear your browser cache and try viewing the page again. 

  • If the "join now" button does not appear in blue box, please try to make an account by clicking the Log In button in the header (it will not be a paid account). Reload the "Join" page and you should be able to go to the payment screen.

  • If the "join now" button does not appear, please make sure you allow cookies from a third party in your browser and refresh the page. 

Issues with the Pay Screen

  • When you have created an account after clicking "Join Now", it will open the pay screen. If the payment window does not appear when you click "buy now" then unblock pop-ups on this page to ensure access to the payment window. You can pay with PayPal or click the gray button to pay with a credit or debit card. 

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